Infantile Massage (Shantala Technique and Infantile Massage IAIM)

Learn how to carry out an infantile massage for your baby! Here at Clinica Heredia & Bautista, we will teach you how to put in practice the infantile massage from the first days of a baby’s life.

The utilization of infantile massage, favors:

  • RELEASES gases, cholic, constipation, mucus/phlegm, tension/strain, pain and hypersensitivity.
  • INTERACTION: bonding, safe attachment, quality time with your baby, participation, and tolerance.
  • STIMULATES breathing, digestion, circulation, corporal conscience, endocrine system, immunization, language, development and maturity.
  • RELAXATION improves the quality of sleep, relaxes muscle tone, augments flexibility reduces levels of cortisol, liberated endorphins as well as regulates emotions.

The infantile massage not only benefits your baby but also adults as it helps to generate and re-enforce the bond you have with your baby. The time you spend on the massage will result in quality time with your baby during your daily routine. Equally, this facilitates understanding and listening to your baby, making you both feel more secure and confident as mothers and fathers.

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