Infantile Osteopathy

What do we principally treat with osteopathy regarding our little ones?

The main reasons for consults are regularly reflux issues, cholic, constipation, suction issues, irritability, cranial asymmetries or posture and movement preferences; when a child only turns his/her head to one side. The ideal situation in these cases is to carry out treatment as early as possible in order to benefit the correct development of the child.

As the child grows and once she or he starts taking first steps we can more often locate dis-alignments in the inferior members and feet until the child is of school agree as well as teenagers where we carry out special attention to their backs and its correct alignment.

How is a session carried out?

Regarding children, the techniques we use are very gentle and respectful adapting the same to each child’s development stage.

During the first session, we will carry out a complete clinical history, gathering information about pregnancy, birth, and infant’s evolution since his/her birth. Following we will carry out a manual examination on the child in order to identify the troubled areas that may be causing problems in the child’s proper functioning of his/her body. After reaching diagnosis the therapist will start the treatment guiding an adequate approach for each child.

Infantile Osteopathy Marbella

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