Infantile Psychology

Our infantile psychologists here in Marbella will take care of the child’s correct psychological development as well as the emotional and social well-being of the minor until teenage years.

When parents seek one of our specialists in infantile psychology, they do this generally recommended by their school as they may observe some behavioral alterations, in the classroom or because they observe that the child is having difficulties with their studies. In this case, our specialist can carry out a neuro-phycological evaluation that will identify the areas with higher difficulty, allowing us to intervene in an adequate manner.

On the other hand, parents will come to see our specialist because they see signs of sadness, irritability, or showing behavior that affects social relationships and family.

Our psychologists experience is ample and varied, but the most common interventions include;

  • Neuropsychological evaluations using tests of intelligence, memory, attention, language, planning, and other executive functions.
  • Development or learning disorders.
  • Autism spectrum disorders.
  • Anxiety disorders such as generalized anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and phobias.
  • Mood disorders such as depressive disorder.
  • Attention disorders such as attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Sleeping disorders such as insomnia.
  • Addiction disorders such as substance abuse or addiction to new technologies.

Regardless of that which is worrying you as parents, our infantile psychologists in Marbella can help you identify the problem and correct it as soon as possible. Our work is always carried out in close coordination with parents and teachers to help provide as much support as possible to the child.

If you would like to know more about our team of infantile psychologists in Marbella, please click here.

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