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Infantile Massage (Shantala Technique and Infantile Massage IAIM)
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Infantile respiratory physiotherapy

With infantile respiratory physiotherapy, we can treat respiratory infections such as bronchitis, bronchiolitis, and pneumonia.

The respiratory physiotherapy session will be based fundamentally on the secretions drainage and ventilatory re-education in order to improve ventilation, oxygenation, and overall respiratory system.

Infantile Osteopathy

What do we treat mainly with osteopathy regarding our little ones?

The main reasons for consultation are regularly reflux issues, cholic, constipation, suction issues, irritability, cranial asymmetries or posture and movement preferences; when a child only turns his/her head to one side. The ideal situation in these cases is to carry out treatment as early as possible to benefit the correct development of the child.

As the child grows and once he/she starts taking first steps we can more often locate dis-alignments in the inferior limbs and feet. When the child reaches school age or adolescence, we take special attention to their backs and its correct alignment.

How is a session carried out?

Regarding children, the techniques we use are very gentle and respectful adapting the same to each child’s development stage.

During the first session, we will carry out a complete clinical history, gathering information about pregnancy, birth and infant’s evolution since his/her birth. Following we will carry out a manual examination on the child in order to identify the troubled areas that may be causing problems in the child’s proper functioning of his/her body. After reaching diagnosis the therapist will start the treatment guiding an adequate approach for each child.

Infantile Massage (Shantala Technique and Infantile Massage IAIM)

Learn how to carry out an infantile massage for your baby! Here at Clinica Heredia & Bautista, we will teach you how to put in practice the infantile massage from the first days of a baby’s life.

The utilization of infantile massage, favors:

  • RELEASES gases, cholic, constipation, mucus/phlegm, tension/strain, pain and hypersensitivity.
  • INTERACTION: bonding, safe attachment, quality time with your baby, participation and tolerance.
  • STIMULATES breathing, digestion, circulation, corporal conscience, endocrine system, immunization, language, development and maturity.
  • RELAXATION improves the quality of sleep, relaxes muscle tone, augments flexibility reduces levels of cortisol, liberated endorphins as well as regulates emotions.

The infantile massage not only benefits your baby but also adults as it helps to generate and re-enforce the bond you have with your baby. The time you spend on the massage will result in quality time with your baby during your daily routine. Equally, this facilitates understanding and listening to your baby, making you both feel more secure and confident as mothers and fathers.

Infantile Psychology

Our infantile psychologists here in Marbella will take care of the child’s correct psychological development as well as the emotional and social well-being of the minor until teenage years.

When parents seek one of our specialists in infantile psychology, they do this generally recommended by their school as they may observe some behavioral alterations, in the classroom or because they observe that the child is having difficulties with their studies. In this case, our specialist can carry out a neuro-phycological evaluation that will identify the areas with higher difficulty, allowing us to intervene in an adequate manner.

On the other hand, parents will come to see our specialist because they see signs of sadness, irritability, or showing behavior that affects social relationships and family.

Our psychologists experience is ample and varied, but the most common interventions include;

  • Development or learning disorders.
  • Autism spectrum disorders.
  • Anxiety disorders such as generalized anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and phobias.
  • Mood disorders such as depressive disorder.
  • Attention disorders such as attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Sleeping disorders such as insomnia.
  • Addiction disorders such as substance abuse or addiction to new technologies.

Regardless of that which is worrying you as parents, our infantile psychologists in Marbella can help you identify the problem and correct it as soon as possible. Our work is always carried out in close coordination with parents and teachers to help provide as much support as possible to the child.

If you would like to know more about our team of infantile psychologists in Marbella, please click here

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